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Emergency Payday Loans

Is your payday looming but you suddenly need cash right away? Then, getting an emergency payday loan is your best bet to get money inside your pockets quick and easy. These loans allow you to have a cash advance depending on the salary that you expect to get and are usually approved within the day.

Am I Eligible for an Emergency Payday Loan?

Getting an emergency loan is not as hard as some would think. The requirements are as minimal as possible. Check the requirements below to know if you’re eligible to get an emergency payday loan from Pounda.

1. Must be 18 years old and above
2. Be a resident of the UK
3. Employed and receive a regular salary
4. Have a valid UK bank account with an active debit card

If you satisfy all of those requirements; then you’re eligible for an emergency payday loan. The next step is now starting your application.

How can I get and Emergency Payday Loan?

Getting an emergency payday loan from Pounda is quick and hassle free. You won’t be required to send a ton of paper work unlike with other personal loans. The application form is also very simple and straightforward and won’t be pages and pages of numerous information that might take too long and would surely set you back a couple of hours; which is something that you don’t want to happen when applying for emergency loans.

The application form for your Pounda loan is simple and the whole process is done online so you won’t need to personally submit your form anywhere. Common questions on the form would be about your personal information. You would also be asked about your salary and how long you’ve been working in the company. These are asked to check whether or not you’ll be able to pay for your loan with no trouble at all. So prepare these beforehand so you’ll have a quick and easy transaction. The form would also ask about the terms of the loan that you want to take. You will be able to request for the duration of the payment as well as the loan amount you need.

Aside from the application form, you would also be asked to send other information and might even be asked to send a scanned copy of these. Don’t worry about this, since these documents are those which you normally have on hand. Your I.D. card and pay slip are the usual documents asked of you. These are asked to check for the authenticity of the information you provided in your application form. You would also be asked for your bank details so you need this information on hand as well. Failing to provide any of these documents might lower your chances of getting your loan approved.

Will I get approved?

Since there are only limited requirements there’s a high chance that you’ll get approved for your emergency payday loan. Pounda also has a high approval rate so you won’t need to worry about getting rejected. Just make sure that you’re applying for a loan that your profile fits the loan that you are applying for. This means that you shouldn’t request a loan amount that would require payments that may be too close to your monthly income.

If ever Pounda finds that you are not eligible for the loan that you initially applied for they would suggest other loans for you to get which would give you a higher chance if getting approved. In rare cases that you get denied for all loans that you apply for you can still apply on a later date without any of these rejections affecting your new application.

How fast can I get the money?

Once you’ve submitted all the documents that you need the representatives from Pounda would reviews you application and would give you the results within 24 hours. This is only the maximum time of approval so you might get your approval earlier than this. Once approved, you will be sent the decision via email and your money will be deposited to your bank account almost immediately.

Although there might be cases when you can request for a quicker approval, you should give them time to to reviews your loan application and you should also consider that there are other applicants aside from you. If you’re really on a rush, rest assured that in most cases if you apply in the morning and if you’re approved the money would reflect on your bank account that afternoon or the latest the next morning.