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Payday Loans for Very Bad Credit

There are times in life when we’re faced with unexpected situations that no one could foresee and anticipate. Oftentimes, these circumstances arise without warning and without anyone willing for it to happen. When these events happen in your life it’s best if you just stay level headed and don’t panic there’s always a solution to any problem especially if the root of the problem is money.

Most people find it hard to get their loan applications approved because they have bad credit. It may be true that your credit score is a great indicator for lenders to decide on whether or not to give you a loan. But you should take not that there are a lot of lenders that approve loans regardless of your credit score. It’s just a matter of getting the best one for you.

What to look for?

With the numerous lenders that offer emergency loans and claim to not look at your credit, it could be confusing and sometimes frustrating to choose which is the one would really give you the best satisfaction. Choosing is even harder if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for. Below is a list of the qualities that a good loan should have.

1. Short Application – The application process shouldn’t take so long. Since this is an emergency loan, most processes should take place within the day or at most within 24 hours. This would allow you to get your loan when you need it. If the application form is too long and detailed, just answering the form might use up all your time. Aside from the application form, the requirements should also not be too hard to get. These should be readily available and shouldn’t take days to get processed.
2. Quick Approval – Aside from a short application process, the lender should give you their decision as soon as they make it. This would help you know whether you’re saved already or if you need to look for another loan. In case you apply for a loan that doesn’t fit your profile, a good lending sire would give you suggestions on which one to apply to instead. They won’t immediately reject you.
3. Hassle Free – Since you’re already on pins and needles with regards to how you can get out of your predicament, the loan you’ll apply to shouldn’t add to the stress that you already feel. Each step of the application should be smooth and easy. When it comes to withdrawing your money, it should be directly deposited to your bank account so you won’t have to get out of your way just to get it.

Among the various sites that run right now, is one of the few that actually tick off all those criteria and also provides satisfaction. It allows you to get a loan quickly and easily and with lower chances of getting denied.

Will I get denied?

Lenders who give emergency loans have a high approval rate. Pounda even gives assistance to the borrowers so they’ll only apply for the loan that they can afford. Even if you have a bad credit history, you’ll still have a high chance f getting approved as long as your salary and the monthly payment of the loan are aligned. You should still have enough money for food and other expenses after the payment of the loan has been paid.

In the unlikely case that you’ll get denied you would be given the chance to re-apply at a later time without your previous denial having any effect to your new application. Although tries to approve most if not all applications that go their way there are really some that are high risks. Common reasons why you might get denied includes having mismatched salary and monthly loan payment, lacking in requirements, and being ineligible in the first place.

Other things to note

Since these loans are usually short term in nature, the loan amount aren’t as high as with other types of loans. This is because having a higher loan amount would make it harder for you to cope with the payments given the short amount of time that you have to pay the loan.

Since is a U.K. based company, they only accept loan application from residents of the United Kingdom who have active banks inside the country. They also only grant loans to those who are above 18 but below 75 to ensure that you would have the capability to pay your loan.