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Need Cash Now

No matter what we say, the solution to a lot of our problems is money but since most of the time we don’t have enough money left from our day to day expenses we often result to applying for loans. Applications used to take almost forever but with advancement in technology you can apply for a loan, get the results of the application, and your money all on the same day.

For what Circumstances do People usually Apply for Loans?

Although you can take a loan for whatever reason you like, there are common situations when people apply for emergency loans. It’s fast acting nature makes it attractive for those who need cash immediately and also those who might not meet all the requirements of a normal personal loan. The whole application process of this loan is also quick and same day approvals are the norm.

1. Hospitalizations/ accidents – this circumstance is probably the most common and the most urgent one. This also an unforeseen event and you just can’t prepare 100% for it. Although we are advised and tole repeatedly to set aside a percentage of our salary for health related accidents this might not be achieved by a lot of people especially if you’re living pay check to pay check.
2. Home Repairs – Having a roof above your head is both a right and a huge responsibility. However, having your own house and maintaining it could be very costly. House repairs can get expensive very quick but you usually don’t have a choice but to get them done because if you don’t the problem might get even bigger and so will the expenses.
3. Auto Repairs – These days, having your own car is no longer just a privilege but instead it has become a necessity especially if you live somewhere with a poor public transportation system. Having your own vehicle is also very costly since you need to do regular checkups for it to avoid any issues. You would also need to have a lot of repairs for it especially if it’s become old already since it would surely have mechanical problems. Having your own car also makes you vulnerable to road accidents. Whatever the reason we have for these repairs, most of the time we’re unprepared for it and probably won’t immediately have the cash we need on hand.
4. Traveling – Although it may not be as urgent as the other ones on the list, traveling or going on a vacation is another common reason for getting a loan. It might be due to you having to spend your savings on something beforehand or maybe a sudden trip that you weren’t able to prepare for.

Where to get a loan?

There are different websites that offer fast and easy loans. One of the most trusted and reliable ones of the bunch is This site offers loans even to those who have a bad credit history or have no credit history yet. They also provide a simple application process so you won’t need to worry about having to gather a lot of documents for your requirements.

How to apply?

Applying for an emergency loan through Pounda is a quick and easy process. In fact, it’s so fast that you could probably get everything done in one sitting. It’s also extremely convenient since everything is done online.

The first step to applying for your loan is to fill out the simple application form on the website. This form is short and wouldn’t take up a lot of your time. Usual information that would be asked on the form are personal information about you, about your job, and your salary. All these are simple indicators of whether or not you’d be capable of paying for your loan once you’re approved. You would also be asked for details about your ID card, your bank account, and your pay slip. So you better have this on hand when you start your application.

After you’ve submitted your application online, it would now be reviewed. Although this part depends on the reviewer you get, usual criteria that reviewers would look at is whether your salary would be enough after considering all your living expenses and your loan payment. If they find that you might have a hard time with this they won’t reject you immediately especially if they can suggest better loan terms for you.

When should you apply?

Since it is online, you can apply anytime of the day but if you want to have your money on the same day it’s best if you apply in the morning. If there are no issues you will get your results and your money the afternoon of the same day.