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Emergency Cash Loans

Life gives us unexpected circumstances at times. We are often faced with problems and bumps no matter how much we prepare in life there are things that are just out of our hands. An example of this are emergencies like hospitalizations and even home repairs. Often, these situations creep on us with no warning so we’re usually unprepared for them and end up scratching our heads over how and where to get the money to pay for this unexpected expense. A quick and usually hassle-free way to do this is by getting an emergency cash loan.

What are Emergency Cash Loans?

Emergency cash loan are loans that usually take little or almost no time to get approved. Since emergencies need quick action, emergency cash loans are also given quickly. Some lenders even approve loans as quick as 24 hours after you’ve sent all the necessary requirements. Once you’re approved the would usually usually be deposited to your account almost immediately.

Aside from quick approval, there’s also a high approval rate for emergency cash loans since lenders are usually more lenient for this kind of loan. Most of the time, they also require few requirements from you since these loans are time restricted they try to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible. In fact, most if not all of the process is actually done online.

Where to get Emergency Cash Loans?

One of the best places to get an emergency cash loan is They offer low rates for you to be able to cope with your payments based on your income. If in case you find a place where the rate is lower, Pounda would beat it or match it so you’ll be given an even lower rate.

Aside from low rates, Pounda also has no fees for their loans. This is because, when you apply to them it will be a direct loan so there’s no middle man like brokers who usually take service fees and also have hidden charges that they conceal at first. Getting loans from Pounda would ensure that you won’t get any shocks at the end of the process. also knows how quick you need your emergency so cash so they actually give approvals and wire the money to your account on the same day. This would save you from the the hassle of waiting and being in limbo while you’re waiting for the decision of your loan.

How to get and Emergency Cash Loan?

Since you need money fast, the requirements for this are limited and not as many as if you would be applying for a normal loan. Usually, I should only take you a couple of minutes to get your application done.

In Pounda, they only require for you to answer a quick online form. The form would be asking for various information so be sure to have these ready when you start your online application so there would be less hassles and delays. Common questions on the form are about the type of loan you want to get and the length of the payment. They would also be asking things about your occupation like your salary and how long you’ve been working in the company.

Aside from the form, other requirements are ID card, your bank details, and pay slip. These are required to ensure that you are providing correct information on the forms that you fill out. These also strengthen and increase the chances of you getting approved so you must have them on hand when you’re applying to prevent any delays.

Emergency Cash Loan Approval

Pounda has a high approval rate when it comes to loans. They aren’t as strict and they would reviews and approve you loan almost immediately especially if your profile matches the loan that you would be getting. Given this, you should also try to level your expectations when it comes to getting an emergency cash loan. Do not get a loan amount that’s too high if your income is lower than the require salary.

Although rarely rejects loan applications, in rare cases that they do it’s usually due to mismatched salary to the amount of loan that you’re applying. In cases like this, Pounda may also suggest lower loan amounts that you would be able to pay with less difficulties given you situation. To avoid getting rejected or being asked to re-do your application you should apply for the loan amount that fits your salary and wouldn’t be too high that you won’t be able to spend on anything else aside from paying off this loan.