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Emergency Cash Advance

Do you need money now but your payday isn’t anytime soon? Maybe you’ve even asked for a possible cash advance from your employer but they’ve already given out the maximum allowed for the month. If you’re facing any of these dilemmas, then getting an emergency cash advance is the best choice for you. This isn’t just a quick way to solve your problems but it’s also hassle free.

Where to get this loan?

There are numerous lenders who give emergency cash advance. With the number of choices you have it can be a bit tempting to just choose the one that first pops out on your google search. This might be the most convenient in the short term but in the long term it can be a huge disappointment especially if you end up choosing a lending site which turns out to be inefficient. Given this, it’s best to know what you should look for when choosing the lender to apply to. Below is a list of the qualities to look out for.

1. Easy Application – When faced with a crisis we are usually very frazzled or stressed out so it would be best if we look for a lender that wouldn’t give us any hassles when applying. This means that the application form should be short and simple and must not ask for information that are not readily available. It is almost an SOP for them to also ask for some documents however the documents asked shouldn’t be too hard to get and are those that you would have at hand like your ID card and your pay slip.

2. Quick Approval – Since you would be needing the money for something urgent it’s only logical for you to apply somewhere which would be able to give you the money immediately. Look for Loans who are offering same day approval or even those who offer approval within the hour for those really tight situations. Do keep in mind that 1 hour approval might not be possible at all times since lenders might be getting a lot of applications and they also need to verify the information you’ve given.

3. Easy Transfer – Another quality to look out for is how fast and easy you should get your loan amount once you’ve been approved. It’s best to look for a lender who would be giving you the loan amount as soon you have been approved. The money should also be transferred directly to your bank account and not be personally picked up for security as well as convenience.

It’s true that there are numerous of choices out there it getting a loan from somewhere like which is reliable and also ticks off all the boxes is the best way to go. This site offers quick application with their simple forms and requirements that are easy to comply with. They also give approvals within the day so you’ll be able to get your cash fast.

Who are eligible for this loan?

Although emergency loans are less strict when it comes to requirements compared to normal personal loans, they still have their own eligibility requirements in place. Check the list below if you are indeed eligible to take a loan from

1. Must be 18 years old and above – Your age would be a sign of whether or not you’d be capable of paying your debt for the amount of time stipulated on your contract. It also ensures that you’re legally allowed to sign documents without your guardian.

2. Must be a resident of the U.K. – Since Pounda is a UK based company, they only give loans to people who permanently live in the U.K. for ease of transaction and legalities.

3. Must currently have a job and receives regular salary – This is probably one of the most obvious criteria. Having a job and a fixed salary is key in making sure that you have the money to pay off your loan in the coming months.

4. Must have a bank account in a U.K. bank and have a debit card – Once you’ve been approved for a loan Pounda would directly send the loan amount to your bank account so without a bank account there’s no way for you to get the money.

Other things to note

Given that this type of loan is only short term, the loan amount would not be huge. This is to make it easier for borrowers to pay off their loans without difficulties. It’s also a way for lenders to insure that the borrowers would be able to pay their loans.

It’s also best to note that although approval rate is high there are still those rare cases where the application is denied. Denials are usually due to the applicant not fitting the requirements of the loan amount their applying for. It may also be due to the amount of your salary being too close to the monthly loan payment.